The group's introduction

Every 5th person in the world is an Indian. That is the strength of India. This strength becomes all the more meaningful when yet another Indian is matched with the right job or placed in a gainful manner. He immediately starts contributing to his family, his society, his state, his country and also the country where he works, if abroad.

Our Holding Company - The Jerry Varghese Group - (International placement consultants with prime focus in India, the Middle East and key markets around the world) was established on this basic & simple human need called "Employment".

Since 1983, the Jerry Varghese Group has been a factor in changing the lives of Tens of Thousands of Indian professionals and workers by helping them find the right Jobs, both abroad and in India.

In doing so, the group has developed into a large Global organization with several offices across India & the Gulf Countries, partner & representative offices in other South Asia & SE Asia, North America, South America and European countries.

The Jerry Varghese Group is deeply entrenched in the "Employment & Recruitment" business and has also carefully nurtured and established various complementary services.

  • Industry Vertical Specialized Executive Search Divisions
  • Employer Branding, Employment Communications and Global Media Services. -
  • VISA Processing Division - Employment Visa, Visit Visa, Overseas Travel Visa of any kind & processing
  • Documents and Certificate Attestation processing division.
  • Tours and Travel Division including Airline Ticketing services.
  • Forex Division.

This 360 degree knowledge and proven expertise with regards to the Employment, Recruitment, Relocation Services and Solutions, whether in India or overseas has not just empowered and enabled the group to utilize its role efficiently and effectively, but has also put a huge responsibility on our shoulders to transfer this knowledge to all our countrymen to enable them benefit in a continuous manner.. This idea, the sense of responsibility and the need gave birth to a dedicated media vehicle - a weekly newspaper - Employment & NRI Times.

A mission…a need…an idea…. that launched a thousand careers…
In 1998, as a CSR and a non-profit initiative, the Jerry Varghese Group of Companies launched a dedicated weekly newspaper, Employment & NRI Times, fondly called ENRI Times, to provide an effective media platform to reach out to millions of job seekers across India and many global locations and carry the messages of hundreds of recruitment advertisers.
Employment & employability are governed by ever changing rules. Trades and traits of yesterday loose meaning today. Minions of today may become the giants of tomorrow, fortunes of nations can rise or fall in a single year, all this and more affects each one of us in many ways. ENRI Times endeavors to fill in that role of a friend, philosopher and a guide to the job-seekers and the employers and help them keep abreast in this ever changing world.
The readers pick
Our Readers patronize us for the over 3000 new job openings displayed every week, apart from the well researched and crisply written articles about changes in rules, policies & laws effecting national and overseas recruitment. ENRI-Times help them not only to land at the right job but also be smarter and more aware jobseekers.
The recruiters pick
The Recruiters on the other hand finds ENRI Times a highly focused and nil-spillover media dedicating its every column centimeter to the Target Group they pay for. With over 100,000 paid circulation copies that has an average issue readership of more than 10 per copy, reaching across 300-plus Indian & overseas cities and the trade per se’. Recruiters and Industry from every trade finds ENRI-Times a focused and cost effective media vehicle to advertise their job openings.
General advertiser's pick
Our other patrons & advertisers find ENRI Times a highly focused media option targeting the CWE (Chief Wage Earner) in the family, both employed or soon-to-be-employed readership. You will find industry of every hue, advertising in ENRI-Times at a fraction of their spent on other large format general newspaper having huge spillovers and duplications.
Events & conferences
ENRI Times and the Jerry Varghese Group has helped creating thousands of NRIs each year since their inceptions and therefore has a larger role in representing their interests in various national and international platforms where it matters. We have been associated for the last many years with exhibitions like The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, an annual global NRI conclave held under the auspices of the Ministry of Overseas Indians, GOI, the NORKA conferences and various other Major Industry exhibitions attracting Indian workers and professionals like the Petrotech, SPE meets, IIR-HR conferences in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, the Construction week conference in Dubai, the Arab Health conference in Dubai and many more.
Mr.Mammen Varghese - Chairman

I believe in people power and am also convinced that this most valuable asset is to be selected, maintained and retained by employing best available resources in an organization.  
Being a hardcore HR person, I decided, 27 years back, to create a world-class organization to support professional companies in selecting this most important asset by employing best resources. It requires good infrastructure, professional employees, an industry specialized organization, a well-integrated system and world-class technology. We are committed to continuously invest in the above resources to upgrade them.

Mr.Mathew Varghese - Managing Director
Mr.Jerry Varghese - Director