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At ENRI Times, we strive to make a difference to you - and that goes beyond just connecting you to the right employer. Our research orientation enables us to offer you as much information as possible on career opportunities and other related topics important to you.
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Often, a shift abroad involves an upgrade of your skills. What exactly is required? What should be your desired qualification? What additional degrees would help? What about language skills - written and spoken? Our elaborate articles cover every one of these subjects. Penned by experts in placement, HRD, Management, IT and other disciplines, these pieces shed fresh light on the latest developments in education and skill sets required.
Being career orientation is a first step,but relocating to unknown country for a new employment opportunity is challenge. Sometimes, aspirants tend to lose focus about the environmental factors that also play a crucial role in career success. When travelling to a foreign country is essential to know all about their social customs, emigration requirements, labor laws, living conditions, cost of living, educational facilities for your children, business and trade opportunities, economic and industrial development, and so on. This information is frequently updated to reflect the current scenario in the country concerned.
Going beyond - life as a Non Resident Indian
ENRI Times does not stop being relevant to you after you take up your dream job abroad. In fact, our relationship with you gathers more momentum. Even as you achieve the prestigious NRI status, you are looked upon as an achiever and naturally the expectations from your family and friends only grow. You are expected to guide many of them to find a suitable job, or be their mentor & guide and there are many more. ENRI Times is always by your side and you can check the new positions being advertised constantly. Being abroad yourself, you are in a better position to evaluate and recommend.
The first experience in a foreign land usually opens you up to try and achieve more. You can look for a change after completing your initial contract, for this you need to update and upgrade your skill sets.
The developments taking place in the home front also remains as important and relevant to you, you also need to understand the changing laws and regulations in India and how they impact your income and investment options. Our regular columns and FAQs keep you posted on all the latest from your homeland.
All these and much more, ENRI Times is your partner for life – a friend, philosopher & guide.